light and warm

light and warm

how warm is down

So the basic ideas driving our clothing choices are high function and low weight with multi-use when possible. Notice above there is really no piece of clothing that comes close to down in terms of weight to warmth. The Feathered Friends Hyperion pictured offers the loft similar to the most puffy jacket on the graph and is even lighter!

Just a few main ideas that could be useful know

We have decided on lightweight long sleeve shirts for UV and bug protection. This is a departure for me as I’ll still go with hiking shorts  with lightweight wind-pants for cold and rain.  although my wife will where long pants exclusively and the nine-year old will have a hiking skirt and hiking pants. Needless to say the pants are nylon or polyester. As added protection the nine-year old will have a pain of light rain pants, the adults wont.

Windshirts-ah windshirts. For those who figured this out, there is really no going back. A lightweight nylon or polyester hooded windshirt is perhaps the most important and useful piece of gear we will carry. At less than 4oz this piece of gear keeps out bugs, while regulating body temperature over a huge range. From warm and buggy to high pass sleet and wind the shirt is always close at hand. These silly little things are expensive and luckily we already have ours. Well, the nine-year old has outgrown her Marmot windshirt and replacing it is difficult. Nobody is making a proper ultralight kids windshirt?! I’ll let you know what we find.

Because the Sierra a relatively dry mountain range, but has the potential to be cold, we have decided on down jackets to supplement our sleeping and to wear in the evening.

Not sure yet which one they will bring although I’m set on my Feathered Friends Hyperion. We have reached to point where gear materials are so light that a super warm puffy down jacket (not one of those weeny down shirt/sweaters) only weighs 9-10 oz. This is because most of the weight for a down jacket is actually in the fabric, so adding more down costs very little in terms of weight.



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